Color Splash Painting – Fluid abstract Art – Simple, fascinating results

In this new painting technique, we use gravity to create fascinating, abstract-looking images. The results are completely random, so you can create absolutely unique works of art, even if you’ve never painted before!

The Color Splash technique is a variation of the Flip Cup, one of the simplest Pouring techniques.

It is very important to cover the work area well here, depending on the height of the bulk, the paint can splash neatly.

Then you fill your watering cup with the colors of your choice layer by layer. Now cover the canvas with a bit of paint so that later the colorful paint can flow better. Now place the watering cup upside down on a smooth surface and open the floor briefly over the canvas. Gravity creates great individual color patterns on the canvas. With the swiveling of the canvas you can design your artwork and get in shape.

Experiment calmly with the height from which you open the cup, here there is no fixed specification.

I hope you like the idea and you come to great pictures!

As always, I’m happy about a thumbs up or a nice comment.

Creative greetings

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