SEMI ABSTRACT Landscape Painting Demonstration | Acrylics

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In this painting tutorial and demo I will show you how I paint modern semi abstract landscapes with acrylics and a bit of mixed media – please see below for list of materials. I’ll also show you the inspiration behind the painting and how I choose the colors.

I use only 2 colors of acrylic paint and they are: Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue + Titanium White and Black. I also use some watersoluble cryons and watercolor pencils.
The paper is 160lb/200gram acid free sketchbook paper. But watercolor paper would work fine as well.

If you want to take your painting to the next level I suggest you try and practise as much and often as possible. I paint a lot of my paintings on paper which is a nice way to save on expensive canvas and storing the finished paintings don’t take up as much space either.

This painting video is for beginners who want to take their painting beyond the initial first steps and for more experienced artists as well. I hope you got some value, inspiration and tips for your next painting.

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