A Brief History of Art Western Movements | Behind the Masterpiece

The first piece of visual art in history is from 40,000 years ago. The need to create is a part of being human. It’s as old as our species and as innate as any other desire. Exploring each of these western art movements makes such a vast topic digestible.

In this video, you’ll see the evolution of art through the ages. A linear timeline filled with talented individuals over the years that always moves forward; towards something more, something new, something that excites a generation.

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0:00 – Intro
1:16 – Prehistoric Art
2:12 – Ancient Art
3:12 – Medieval art
3:50 – Renaissance Art
4:44 – Baroque Art
5:38 – Rococo
6:14 – Neoclassicism
6:56 – Romanticism
7:34 – Realism
8:26 – Impressionism
9:36 – Post-Impressionism
10:29 – Expressionism
11:31 – Art Nouveau
12:30 – Cubism
13:43 – Futurism
14:32 – Dadaism
15:21 – Surrealism
16:43 – Bauhaus
17:36 – Abstract Expressionism
18:34 – Pop Art
19:29 – Minimalism
20:17 – Contemporary Art
21:20 – Conclusion

A Brief History of the Art of Persia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHuwcm0P0TA&ab_channel=BehindtheMasterpiece
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Bounce by Steven Gutheinz
Flare by Chad Lawson
Traversing by Steven Gutheinz

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