(213) The Worlds Worst Reverse Dip Acrylic Pour Technique contemporary art

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Today’s fluid art video is an embarrassingly poor example of the reverse dip technique. I always wondered what a ring pour with milk paint reverse dipped would look like and that was my original intention for this painting. Somewhere along the line, I got distracted and didn’t execute the plan. After the worlds worst reverse dip on this piece, I worked to save the painting. Let me know what you think! =)

Saw this beautiful quote from John Muir that I love and wanted to share with you: „The power of imagination makes us infinite.“

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

My pouring medium changes a little depending on what kind of result I’m after but I primarily use Floetrol in a 4 parts Floetrol to 1 part paint ratio (using my current favorite paints from Amsterdam). I prefer to thin the paint with something more viscous than water and often use Liquitex Pouring Medium if thinning is needed. No silicone or dimethicone is used unless otherwise stated.

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