WHEN I FIND MYSELF (LoFi Remastered)- Bruno C – Art cover: Nataly NGM


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N.B. 11/07/2023: at last I think I managed to delete the more disturbing noises!! And keep quite the best of the recording ! Hope you better enjoy the song now 🎈 … and the new cover art 🤩 closer to the chorus ❤️‍🔥

it’s been a dilemna to choose wether or not I would publish that track:
1. After hours and hours of work on mastering to remove the huge amount of noises on that old tape recording , it was only half a success…
2. I love this song!… despite its not perfect sound

Hope you’ll validate the option 2 🙂

Bruno (future Loony) wrote the song, programmed drums, played the bass and the guitars, and sung.
Composed in July 16th 1989
Recorded in January 1992 on Yamaha 4 tracks

The song has been played live with the Catsbleed between 92 and 94, meeting a bit of success 🎈

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