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Seed Gallery is pleased to announce „Infinity of Purpose,“ a pulsating body of works that visually articulate the inexhaustible power of faith, the unalterable value of purpose, and the indispensability of vision.

Described as “the light amidst the gross darkness veiling the vulgarized world of contemporary art,” and his work “a revelatory expedition into the precept of humanity’s purpose existence,” Nya’s work embodies the theoretical assertion of Joan Miró, the mental and physical engagement of Robert Motherwell and the draftsmanship of Paul Klee.

The artist renders his subject matter with a cogent dose of purity, intense clarity and intrinsic confidence. This is realized by ingeniously amalgamating the clean lines and symmetry of the post–World War II minimalism movement with a hint of African aesthetics, portrayed in his subtle use of carefully preserved fragments of weaved cloth, Egyptian papyrus paper, pieces of animal hides and cowrie beads.

The work in the exhibition is from his series entitled “Divine Inspiration.”

To learn more about “Infinity of Purpose,” as well as view select works from the exhibition, with narrated synopsis and video experts of select paintings discoursing the themes of leadership, freedom, identity, purpose, faith and vision that are at the heart of the artist’s oeuvre, visit https://bit.ly/infinity-purpose

Founded in New York, USA in 2005, Seed Gallery is an exclusive gallery wholly focused to nurture, preserve and catalog the work of Nya′ in a tailor-made atmosphere.

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TechnoKunst.ART erzählt und zeigt umfangreich wie Techno Kunst enstanden ist, wie sie sich manifestiert, was sie ausdrückt, wo sie zu finden ist, wer die Protagonisten sind, wie sie aussieht, wie sie klingt und noch ein bisschen mehr. Dazu gibts es mit "INSPIRATION" selbst eine Art digitales Kunstprojekt. Algorithmusgesteuert wird hier Kunst aus verschiedenen Quellen extrahiert, aufbereitet und importiert.