de Feure detail 1

de Feure detail 1

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This Art Nouveau stained glass window by George de Feure (1868-1943) dates from circa 1901-1902. It’s located in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. Presented are an odd-sized window in totality and 5 images of details, including one of the face. Information from the exhibit placard state the window is made of stained and leaded glass, bronze and wood. Additionally, De Feure was one of three artists selected by Siegfried Bing to provide designs for Bing’s pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair in1900. De Feure was French or Dutch or Belgian, depending on which online source you choose to trust. He is described as an artist, designer and interior decorator.

Some biographical material may be located at www.decodame.com/decofurniture/bio_george_de_feure.htm

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