Art Style Techno | Podcast #036 : Norman Andretti aka. Quarill [Part 2 Funky TechnoHardgroove]


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Part 2. Funky Techno/Hardgroove

1. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Foxtrot
2. David Moleon – Groundforce
3. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Dallas Incident
4. Raul Mezcolanza – chicago to london
5. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – No Strings attached
6. Omega Drive – Prevent Me
7. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Soul Society
8. David Moleon – Tinitu
9. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Virtue
10. Primus V – Parking (Norman Andretti aka Quarill rmx)
11. David Moleon – Cut your neck
12. Jmix – Go Down (Norman Andretti aka Quarill rmx)
13. Micha – Sosa Tech (Ganez and Marco woods rmx)
14. Mark Rey – Nibedroma (Norman Andretti aka Quarill rmx)
15. Lxs – Love Songs
16. Aitor Ronda – Chicas de la vida
17. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Back to business (Alejandro Roman rmx)
18. David Moleon – Cubbo
19. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Rings of Saturn
20. Chris Chambers – Riviera
21. Raul Mezcolanza – Girl
22. Rydel – Very disco (2011 VIP)
23. Blue Alpha DJs – Barbra
24. Norman Andretti aka Quarill – Entire Empire
25. Alejandro Roman – Groso
26. Toni Demoet – Coming on Strong (Norman Andretti aka Quarill rmx)

Quarill aka. Norman Andretti Bio:

Hy Eveyone!

My artist name is Norman Andretti AKA Quarill,and I would like to introduce myself as an upcoming Techno producer from Hungary.

My very first experience with decks was when I was about 13 years old. By the time my musical taste was effected mostly by harder club styles which were popular back then, such as Hard-house, Hardcore and of course the compilations of the famous Thunder- and Terrordomes. These were the ones I`ve grown upon. I haven`t got any instrumental background, except a little drum knowledge.

Ever since I can remember I`ve been influenced by Techno music. I`ve started my producing career about 6 years ago, because I felt that I had to make something lasting for the future generations and also wanted to make the Techno scene a bit better by giving something new…so I stared using FL Studio.

My first projects sounded quite amateur but all the advices I was getting by the time, was just enough to keep me going and keep improving. After many years I`ve tried all the most popular music making softwares but I couldn`t find the freedom in them I was looking for, that`s why I sticked to FL.

After many sent e-mails and demos, I managed to get in touch with Mirzinho, owner of the legendary TechArt and Propeller Records. He was the one who gave me the first opportunity to have a release on his label (Norman Andretti — Back to business EP). After that there was no chance to stop. I felt patronized and I think that`s one of the most uplifting feeling of this „job“. In a few months I got in direct contact with all the biggest names of the scene, which I`m really proud of.

Style-wise I would put myself on the edge of funkytechno, hardgroove and percussive disco techno, but as I have to keep up with the trend I listen, play and produce tech-house and minimal as well. I also deputize Hardtechno and Schranz because I just can`t grow out of the headbanging slicer, but I still don`t feel myself skilled enough to start producing this last two.

In 2011, I’ve been approached by Tim Catley (aka Tim C), who’s from the UK to participate as a member of Corrupted Label Management and to be the A&R of his four labels, which are the Corrupted Data (dedicated for funkytechno and hardgroove releases), the Corruption Records (for tech-house and progressive projects), the Cosa Nostra Records ( to release dark techno and minimal music) and our C-Sessions is for funkytechno and hardgroove bootlegs.

As a DJ, I have had gigs in the Checz- Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and the UK, and I’m focused to rock all biggest techno scenes world-wide.

Art Style: Techno



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