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Rob Rules:

He was born in Budapest in 1990. His first encounter with techno took place at the age of fourteen. At first, he was listening to techno mixes and desperstely fell in love with them. Kashmir Underground Club used to play an essential role in his life, he attended nearly every event. Back then he decided to let music take the majority of his interest. Besides techno he was interested in hard techno. In the beginning he played at minor after parties and a bit later he had the opportunity to spin the records at bigger events as well. In 2007 he got to know Liax and a year later they started producing music together. Their first co-produced track (Oscuridad) turned out to be great success. Right after this they founded their first record label: Fatal Error.They organized online radio shows, which was called Fatal Error mix session where most of the well-known djs of the scene played week by week. Unfortunately Fatal Error stopped working and members continued working separately. 2011 brought him reunion with one of his friends from his childhood. El Angel and him became good friends and decided to rewrite the meaning of techno. They are just about to show the audience what they are capable of together in 2012 behind the record players.

Gabriel T. aka. El Angel:

Gabriel T. aka. El Angel (pronunciation: El Anghel) civil known as Gábor Tóth in january 1986 saw the light of day in Budapest.
At the age of 14 he became interested in electronic music, but his cousin Belocca and friend Workidz triggered by musical pitch.
Around 2003 when it began to walk more events which took place the first party’s Complex which is held fixed and the musical tastes of its relationship to music.

In 2000, the P3 after playing Dance Club Expires After a lot of the local residents are known Fat and Tonic. While the club had worked with them played a lot of guest DJs and old friends over Feejay together.
This year, at Club Tonic request of a pub after closing has occurred Feejay and Veecoo.

In 2001, he became the resident friend Feejay in Forfa Music Club with the termination of the Újhartyán built near the club called Apricot occurred occasionally as a guest disc jockey.

Since 2003 more and just had fun private party in high school and played at parties, when SveTec known whom to this day are great friends.
The first organized by the party SveTec it occurred as a guest disc jockey.
He later visited Seby who invited him to be resident in the Rose Hill Club, including two from january 2005 to entertain the audience. Then, the base, a club known Seby given the opportunity, as a permanent resident.

2006 again from one another packed private party in the music and decided to go ahead to create their own tracks. At the time, brought together by fate with an old friend Dale Marsol who also dealt with the music and founded the Electronic War.He later tested at a private party at what they can do them with sounds and beats.Then decided, h form a formation and the formation of the Restful Beats having them individually. From then co-wrote and mixed the tracks. In particular, the Global Noises, a series of events and his own party in the Electronic War.
At the end of 2008 because of disagreements broke the Restful Beats and at the same time, El Angel stepped from the Electronic War as well.

2009 only went back to his work and technical skills. Thanks to the persistent endeavor given the opportunity to act SveTec & Friends party sequence where a man said to be almost raw to this day among the other talented acting. Interrupted, of course, continued to producerkedést born and baptized on the Groovy composition which won the Italo Business label you like, which followed a record contract.

In 2011 he met a childhood friend with whom he became friends Rob Rules and started to make music, h find out what they can get along with the sounds and akkordokból. In addition to joint works on preparing his own compositions as well.


Art Style: Techno

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